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Obsidienne - Barcelona Mass · The Song of the Sibyl (1995)
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Primer disco de Obsidienne.
Casi todo lo que podría decir está dicho en gramophone. Copio los dos últimos párrafos, donde se habla de la interpretación:
The quality is consistently high, however, and Obsidienne give a polished and persuasive performance, maintaining a good flow (only the Credo seems a little pedestrian) and a very attractive overall sound. The medieval French pronunciation of the Latin is particularly striking, colouring one’s whole perception of the piece. The sections of the Proper of the Mass are chanted in a similarly engaging manner, the chant often being elaborated with ornaments or simple drones.

The Mass is paired with an atmospheric performance of the Song of the Sibyl, with Gisela Bellsola as the Sibyl. The pairing is a little odd since this account, with its mixture of popular-inspired melody and simple polyphony from much later than the Mass, seems worlds apart from Avignon despite the Catalan connection afforded by that region’s strong tradition of performing the Sibylline prophecy at Christmas Matins. That said, I enjoyed Bellsola’s refreshingly direct but expressive singing, and it was not difficult to imagine the powerful impact the Song of the Sibyl would make in context (it continues to be sung at Palma de Mallorca in a tradition almost unbroken for the best part of seven centuries). I have no hesitation in recommending this disc.

En esta otra reseña de que en teoría sería para este disco, solo hay una frase para él: "Again, Obsidienne's account of the Song of the Sibyl hardly does justice to the awesome apocalyptic text, but its Barcelona Mass is the best recording yet". El resto son comentarios de otros discos de Opus 111.