Author Topic: Schola Hungarica - Isaac: Adventus Domini  (Read 531 times)

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Schola Hungarica - Isaac: Adventus Domini
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Isaac: Adventus Domini

The source for this recording is the Graz 807 codex, a gradual from the early twelfth century, which several scholars believe to have been compiled in Klosterneuburg in the monastery of the Augustinian canons. Due to its various peculiarities it has often been the subject of scholarly research in the fields of codicology, liturgical history, music history, and art history, and in 1981 a facsimile edition of the codex was published as volume 19 of Paléographie musicale...

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Re: Schola Hungarica - Isaac: Adventus Domini
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Then only one recording remained unpublished (I think within two years this will appear in CD form too):
Templomszentelés (Veszprémi Pontificale) - 2011
(information taken from here: