Teaching Medieval Lyric with modern technology
The National Endowment for the Humanities and Mount Holyoke College
New Windows on the Medieval World

The Medieval Lyric (2 CD-ROMs | 7 CDs)


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CD 2

Monastic Song
Troubadour Song
Alternate versions
Comparing melodies

CD 3

Troubadour Song
Troubadour Recitation

Trouvères · Guillaume de MACHAUT

CD 4

Trouvère Song
Trouvère Recitation

CD 5

Gautier de Coinci
Guillaume de Machaut

Cantigas de Santa Maria

CD 6

Prologo · CSM 2 · CSM 6 · CSM 7 · CSM 8
CSM 10 · CSM 16 · CSM 20 · CSM 34 · CSM 36

CD 7

CSM 42 · CSM 56 · CSM 74 · CSM 103
CSM 122 · CSM 147 · CSM 148 · CSM 154

CD 8

CSM 159 · CSM 161 · CSM 162 · CSM 181
CSM 186 · CSM 185 · CSM 189

Teaching Medieval Lyric with Modern Technology
New Windows on the Medieval World

A CD-ROM application for teaching and study focussed on three medieval repertories: Troubadours & Trouvères; The Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X, el Sabio (the Learned); Guillaume de Machaut, Remede de Fortune. Troubadours and Trouvères, from southern and northern France, represent the prestigious early flowering of song in vernacular languages. Their elaboration of the concept of fin' amor (often called "courtly love") would largely structure the thematics of lyric poetry through Dante, Petrarch, Shakespeare, and the Romantics down to our own time. The Cantigas de Santa Maria were compiled at the extraordinary court over which Alfonso the Learned, King of Castile and Leon, presided during the 13th century. They constitute one of the most important vernacular repertories of medieval Spain. Drawing upon the rich heritage of the troubadours and the trouvères but also exploiting new technologies of music writing attendant upon the development of polyphony, Guillaume de Machaut dominated both the music and the literature of 14th-century France, and was known and admired by Chaucer.

The CD-ROM includes a rich collection of manuscript images; original sources with modern transcriptions and text translations; high quality digital recordings. Commentary essays and explanatory articles make the materials accessible to a variety of users in different disciplines.

Production Coordinator for the CD-ROM and the audio recordings: Robert Eisenstein, Director of the Five College Early Music Program.

Software Developer: Gravity Switch, Inc., Jason Mark, President, wvvw.gravityswitch.com.

The CD-ROM in its entirety is copyrighted by Mount Holyoke College.

The rights to individual manuscript images are retained by the following libraries: Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris; Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, Paris; Patrimonio Nacional, Madrid; Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional; Modena, Biblioteca Nazionale Estense; Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana; Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana; Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana.

COVER ILLUSTRATION: Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, fr. 22543, folio 103 verso, detail.