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Pepperdine University



1. Psallat chorus  [2:53]  Codex Calixtinus, c. 1150   cc  2

2. Kyrieleyson auctor celorum  [3:52]  Beneventan, South Italian, c. 1025

3. Benedicamus Domino  [2:27]  Magnus liber organi, c. 1240

4. Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor  [2:54]  Frankish, before 1000

5. Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor  [3:45]  Byzantine version, 15th century

6. O eorakos eme  [1:51]  Ioannis PLOUSIADENOS, c. 1429–1500

7. Dynamis  [3:09]  Manuel CHRYSAPHES the Lampadarios, fl. 1440–63

8. Hi asomatos fysis  [3:56]  Manuel GAZES, early 15th c.

9. Shen khar venakhi  [4:10]  King DEMETRE I of Georgia, c. 1093–1156

10. Se nine blagoslovite Ghospoda  [2:58]  Mikhail IPPOLITOV-IVANOV, 1859–1935

11. Spaseniye sodelal  [2:52]  Pavel CHESNOKOV, 1877–1944

12. Nine otpushchayeshi  [2:03]  Alexandre GRETCHANINOV, 1864–1956

Adelfos Ensemble
Temmo Korisheli, artistic director

Adelfos Ensemble
Brian Bargiel
David Barndollar
Michael Bland
Mark Carrillo
J. C. Gutierrez
Temmo Korisheli
James Ley
James McNamara
Joseph Miller
Mathew Moore

10:30 AM, Stauffer Chapel

Since its founding in 2004, ADELFOS ENSEMBLE has offered the best of men’s a cappella music to audiences in the Santa Barbara area through live performances, radio broadcasts, and recordings. $e group offers a broad repertoire of music spanning more than a millennium, from ancient chant and Renaissance motets to American spirituals and contemporary works. Adelfos Ensemble exists to explore the wide world of choral literature for men’s voices and, as the Santa Barbara News-Press observed, to “move right and left of center in the choral tradition. ”