Pilgrimage to Santiago   /   Schola Bamberg

Vocal Music for St James Vokalmusik für Sankt Jakob (11th-21th century)

Christophorus CHR 77347



1. So ell enzina  [2:03]  Anonymus

2. Mihi autem nimis honorati sunt  [2:04]  Gregorianischer Choral, Introitus

3. Congaudeant catholici  [3:51]  Albertus PARISIENSIS (c. 1146-1177)   cc 96

4. Misit Herodes  [2:05]  Jacobus GALLUS  (1550-1591)

5. Apostole Christi Iacobe  [2:08]  Cristóbal de MORALES  (1512-1553)

6. Psallat chorus cælestium  [3:00]  Gregorianischer Choral, Hymnus   cc 2

7. Ibant Apostoli  [2:17]  Francisco GUERRERO (1528-1599)

8. O lux et decus Hispaniae  [2:437]  Tomás Luis de VICTORIA (1548-1611)

9.  [7:00]
Ad sepulchrum beati Jacobi  —  Gregorianischer Choral, Antiphon   cc 16
Psalm 112  —  Lodovico GROSSI da VIADANA (1564-1627)

10. Wer das ellendt bauen will    [1:54]

11 - 14. Wer das elent bauen wel  I-IV  [5:46]  Thomas BEIMEL (1967)
pilgerlider  ·  vier Miniaturen
[1:07]   [1:11]   [1:36]   [1:56]

15. Te nostra lætis laudibus  [3:13]  Gregorianischer Choral

16. De la Virgen  [1:43]  Antonio de CABEZÓN (1510-1566)

17. Ave maris stella  [6:21]  Tomás Luis de VICTORIA (1548-1611)

18. Lang ist die Zeit  [13:58]  Hans SCHANDERL (1960)

Schola Bamberg
Werner Pees

Recording: July 23-26, 2010, Bamberger Dommusik, grosser Chorsaal

The vocal works on this recording would hardly have been sung by the pilgrims en route, but instead in the large cathedrals situated along the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. For this reason, this repertoire is more an expression of sophisticated choral culture and less a reflection of the needs of individual pilgrims and is more at home within a liturgical setting rather than in the pilgrims’ hostels. The high quality of the music shows the standing of St James for the believers in Europe over the last 1000 years.

The Schola Bamberg was founded in 2002 for the performance of special projects at the Bamberg Cathedral which is one of the most famous Romanic Cathedrals in Germany. The choir comprises of singers who pursue careers both as soloists in their own right and as members of renowned European vocal ensembles, such as the Collegium vocale Gent or Singer Pur. It is directed by Domkapellmeister Werner Pees who himself pilgrimaged on the route to Santiago several times.