Brussels 5557 / The Clerks' Group
FRYE. Missa Flos regalis · PLUMMER. Missa Sine nomine


"The present program features a couple of (uncharacteristically) attributed English cantus firmus masses of the period, both taken from the first section of the Brussels 5557 manuscript. It is argued that they were copied there in 1468, although the music is from a decade or so earlier."

Signum Records SIGCD015

1. Kyrie Deus Creator omnium  [2:18]
Sarum chant

Walter FRYE
(d. 1475)
Missa Flos Regalis
soprano, alto WM, tenors, baritone, bass
2. Gloria  [6:28]
3. Credo  [7:02]
4. Sanctus  [7:17]
5. Agnus Dei  [6:06]

6. Myn hertis lust  [2:17]
alto LB, tenor TR, baritone
7. Fortune alas  [1:55]
alto WM, tenors
8. Mi verry joy  [3:44]
alto LB, tenors

Walter FRYE
9. Alas, alas, alas  [3:22]
alto WM, tenor ChW, baritone

10. So ys emperentid  [2:50]
alto WM, tenors

11. Pryncesse of youthe  [2:27]
alto LB, tenors

(d. c.1487)
Missa Sine nomine
altos, tenors, baritone
12. Kyrie Omnipotens pater  [4:33]
13. Gloria  [4:28]
14. Credo  [4:35]
15. Sanctus  [4:41]
16. Agnus Dei  [4:36]

The Clerks' Group
Edward Wickham

Rebecca Outram, soprano a
William Missin Lucy Ballard, altos
Tom Raskin Chris Watson, tenors
Edward Wickham, baritone
Jonathan Arnold, bass

Recorded: 26th-27th May 1999 · St Andrew's Church, West Wratting

Production, editing & engineering: Floating Earth
Producer: Jonathan Freeman-Attwood
Sound Engineer: Mike Clements
Editor: Raphaël Mouterde
Booklet Notes: Edward Wickham
French: Robert Bagur
German: Margarete Forsyth
Text and translation editor: Christine Darby
Booklet cover design: ATX Design Associates
Booklet layout and typesetting: Jan Hart
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