The Folger Consort
Robert Eisenstein & Christopher Kendall

A distant mirror. Music of the 14th century
delos, 1979? © & ℗ 1981

Shakespeare's music / Ann Monnoyios, Peter Gordon
delos, 1979? © & ℗ 1981

A Taste of Burgundy

Like as the lute
folger consort, 1984

Sing heigh, ho! Unto the green holly! / Julianne Baird, Michael Collver, Frederick Urrey, William Sharp, Peggy Marie Haas
bard, 1984

Dowland's Dances. Music from Elizabethan and Jacobean England
folger consort, 1986

Showers of Harmony. Dances & Songs of Renaissance England
bard, 1988

Carmina Burana | Wolkenstein | Glogauer Liederbuch
bard, 1989

A Medieval Tapestry / Johana Arnold, Tina Chancey, Nancy Almquist, Elizabeth Bulkley
bard, 1990

A Medieval Christmas / Johana Arnold, Tina Chancey
bard, 1991

Divisions on an Ayre. Lute Songs and Instrumental Music circa 1600
bard, 1991

When Birds Do Sing. Music of 17th century England / Rogers Covey-Crump
bard, 1992

Of kindly lust and love's inspiring. Pastoral and passionate music from Italy to Elizabethan England / Drew Minter
bard, 1993

Selections From Handel's Messiah
bard, 1993

Stand up Shakespeare

Playing with fire. The art of the Renaissance instrumentalist / Tina Chancey, David Douglass, Grant Herreid, Tom Zajac
bard, 1995

Songs of the Troubadours & Trouvères — [Peter Becker · Robert Eisenstein]
bard, 1995

Alpine Airs / Mark Bleeke, Tom Zajac
bard, 1997

The Tempest / Ellen Hargis, William Sharp
bard, 2000

This England. Music from the time of Shakespeare
bard, 2006

A New Song. Celebrating the King James Bible
bard, 2011

Christmas in New Spain  
bard, 2013


A distant mirror • Shakespeare's music
delos, 1986

A Medieval Christmas
bard, 2007