Gothic Voices

Gothic Voices, Christopher Page

discografía ilustrada

A feather on the breath of God. Sequences and Hymns by Abbess HILDEGARD von BINGEN
hyperion, 1981
The Mirror of Narcissus. Songs by Guillaume de MACHAUT
hyperion, 1983
The Garden of Zephirus. Courtly songs of the early 15th c.
hyperion, 1984
The Castle of Fair Welcome. Courtly songs of the later 15th c.
hyperion, 1985
The Service of Venus and Mars. Music for the Knights of the Garter, 1340-1440
hyperion, 1986
A Song for Francesca. Music in Italy, 1330-1430
hyperion, 1987
Music for the Lion-Hearted King. Music to mark the 800th anniversary of the Coronation of King Richard I of England
hyperion, 1988
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Motets and Songs from 13th c. France
hyperion, 1990
The Medieval Romantics. French Songs and Motets, 1340-1440
hyperion, 1991
Lancaster and Valois. French and English Music, c1350-1420
hyperion, 1991
The Study of Love. French Songs and Motets of the 14th. c.
hyperion, 1992
The Voice in the Garden. Spanish Songs & Motets 1480-1550
hyperion, 1993