Vox de Nube
Nóirín Ní Riain · Monks of Glenstal Abbey



Gael Linn (LP)

Sounds True STA A318 (CD)

29th September, 1989
Honan Chapel, University College, Cork

1 - Magnificat cum Alleluia   [3:59]
2 - Pater Noster   [1:02]
3 - Joa BOLENDAS: Lob / Ehre, Christe   [1:47]
4 - A Dhia Ghléigil (Oh Glorious God)   [1:48]
5 - HILDEGARD von BINGEN: O viridissima virga   [3:05]
6 - a) A Song for Mary Magdalen
b) Pater superni luminis   [3:05]
7 - HILDEGARD von BINGEN: Kyrie Eleison   [2:03]
8 - We venerate Thy Cross   [2:41]
9 - HILDEGARD von BINGEN: Cum processit   [2:10]
10 - An tÁiséirí (The Resurrection)   [3:23]
11 - Go mBeannaítear Duit (Hail, Mary)   [2:17]
12 - Homilia Sancti Bernardi Abbatis   [3:16]
13 - The Beatitudes   [3:00]
14 - Regnavit Dominus   [2:12]
15 - Saint Brigid's Prayer   [1:03]
16 - HILDEGARD von BINGEN: O frondens virga   [1:42]
17 - Seacht Suáilcí na Maighdine Muire (Seven Rejoices of Mary)   [3:24]
18 - Ár nAthair (Our Father)   [0:56]
19 - In paupertatis praedio   [3:26]
20 - Joa BOLENDAS: Vater Unser   [2:48]

Nóirín Ní Riain • voice, Indian harmonium (surpeti), shruti box

Schola of Monks of Glenstal Abbey
Ciáran Forbes OSB

Christopher Dillon OSB
Ciáran Forbes OSB
Kevin Healy OSB
Patrick Hederman OSB
Patrick Lyons OSB
Henry O'Shea OSB

Andre Klaasen • hurdy-gurdy

In Judeo-Christian tradition, God has always remained in a "cloud of unknowing". During the Middle Ages, it was established among Christian mystics that God’s word was directly revealed at times as Vox de Nube, "Voice from the Cloud".

It is in this holy tradition that Nóirín Ní Riain and the monks of Glenstal Abbey offer Vox de Nube, an authentic recreation of the medieval liturgy’s most penetrating masterworks – treasured both as spiritual statements and for their "... deep healing powers".

For many years Vox de Nube was available only from the Glenstal Abbey in Limerick, Ireland. There, each order was carefully hand-packed by one of the Glenstal brothers, members of a vibrant Benedictine community who preserve a thousand-year-old choral tradition.

Now, this "Voice from the Cloud" has reached from a small abbey in rural Ireland to the ears of the world.

CD, 1996


digital version, 2010