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1. Amoroso   [3:18]
2. Reels Medley   [6:04]
3. Cantiga 166   [4:13]   CSM  166
4. Skillywidden   [4:14]
5. Ja nuns hons pris   [4:26]
6. Valle de lo Alto   [3:44]
7. Kalenda Maya   [3:09]
8. The Otter's Pool   [3:57]
9. Tarantella   [4:05]
10. Childgrove   [4:11]
11. The Queen's Alman   [3:06]
12. Ramis   [2:48]
13. Lauda / The Rights of Man   [4:28]
14. Cantiga 108   [5:15]   CSM  108
15. Martha's Dragon   [7:32]

© 2007 Cantiga

Cantiga at the top of their game. Recorded live at an ancient Indian site in St Petersburg Florida. A truly magical concert from America's premier Renaissance Festival band- you will love this album!

About Cantiga...

The word CANTIGA means 'song' in the language of Alfonso the Wise, the 13th century Spanish "King of the Three Religions" whose royal court was a haven for Christian, Muslim, and Jewish musicians. Following in their tradition, the members of Cantiga are dedicated to the inclusive spirit of musical improvisation which has flourished among musicians in cultural crossroads throughout history and continues to be celebrated in today's diverse Global Village.

BOB BIELEFELD is a veteran festival and theatre performer. He plays flute, fife and specializes in the ancient instruments of the recorder family. His musical experience includes a wide spectrum of influences ranging from classical to jazz, ethnic to barbershop quartet. Bob has a large repertoire including European, Celtic and English Dance melodies. Cantiga's resident musicologist, Bob's research gives birth to many of Cantiga's arrangements. He has published a music book "Renaissance Festival Favorites" with Mel Bay Publications.

MARTHA GAY is a founding member of Cantiga. Martha attended Rice University and Oxford University where she majored in archaeology and has made her life in the Renaissance Festival circuit since the 70's. She studied harp with Mildred Milligan and with Derek Bell of the Chieftains.

CONRADO "CHARRY" GARCÍA is from Chile and is an accomplished and sought-after multi-instrumentalist and recording artist. Charry specializes in the music of Central and South America and plays charango, pan pipes, birinbao digiridoo and a number of equally exotic noise makers. Charry joined Cantiga in 2001.

MARK CAUDILL. A fiddler of great versatility and charm, Mark brings infectious musicality and a sunny personality to the group. From Boston, Mark graduated from Harvard as a geology major before returning to full-time music making, joining Cantiga in 1999. Mark recently moved to Hawaii with his wife and young son.

MAX DYER plays cello in every context from opera and chamber music to folk, jazz, and world music. He looks forward to playing with Cantiga each year at the Texas Renaissance Festival, as well as at various concerts. He works behind the scenes producing Cantiga's recordings and maintaining the webpage. As a classical cellist, he performed for three years with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, and has played with Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet Orchestra since 1984. During the summers of 2004 and 2006, he was solo cellist with the Broadway musical "The Lion King" and has recently been selected to join the performer’s roster for Cirque du Soleil. As a studio musician, he has recorded for many major labels as an orchestral player and as an improvising cello soloist on Grammy nominated albums.