L'Inverno Italiano / Vince Conaway

Vince Conway


1. Giorno dei Morti   [2:40]

2. Como Poden   [2:37]   CSM 166

3. Via Aurea   [4:36]

4. Il Ritorno   [4:28]

5. In Taberna Quando Sumus   [3:55]   CB 196

6. Regali dagli Dei   [4:34]

7. Chose Tassin   [2:55]   Codex Montpellier

8. I Binari   [2:38]

9. Due Voci Strumentali   [4:22]

10. Tiburtino   [4:26]

11. Des Oge Mais   [4:09]   CSM  1

12. La Ricerca   [2:31]

13. Fiori di Apollo   [5:57]

14. Mosaico   [3:18]

15. Com'a Grande Enfermidade   [4:40]   CSM 346

16. Lezioni   [6:33]

17. Cuncti Simus Concanentes   [4:04]   LV 6

18. Il Camerino   [9:40]

Vince Conaway (http://www.vinceconaway.com) is a hammered dulcimer player performing throughout North America and Europe. With a background in piano and mandolin he first began teaching himself to play the dulcimer in 2000, gradually incorporating it into his other performances until it became his primary instrument. A full-time working musician since 2002, he performs extensively in the US, Canada, and Italy as well as occasional performances elsewhere in Europe.

The core of L’Inverno Italiano (“Italian Winter”) is music that Vince wrote while living and performing in Italy in the winter and spring of 2007. It also includes six medieval pieces arranged to take advantage of Vince's personal dulcimer technique. This combination of original and ancient compositions is blended harmoniously through Vince's unique performance style.



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