Carminis Vagantibus  /  Drolls,  early music ensemble |
Kailas Records KLS 017


1. Cantiga   [4:17]   Cantigas de Santa Maria, Spain, XIII   CSM  77   CSM  119

En Tample / IN A CHURCH / В Храме
2. Cuncti simus   [3:28]   Llibre Vermell, Spain, XIV   LV  6
3. Maravillosos et piadosos   [2:21]   CSM  139
4. Miragres fremosos   [2:31]   CSM  37
5. Como poden   [1:53]   CSM  166
6. Lot set gotxs   [4:55]   LV  5

A La Cour / IN A COURT / При Дворе
7. La septime estampie royal   [2:37]   France, XIII)
8. Ja nus hons pris   [2:33]   Richard Cœur-de-Lion
9. Dies iam laetitiae   [1:50]   Czechia, XV
10. En mai au douz tens nouvel   [3:40]   France, XIII)

Uf Dem Anger / ON A MEADOW / На Лужайке
11. Fulget dies celebris   [3:12]   Germany, XII   CB  153 b
12. Los bilbilicos   [3:55]   Spain, XV
13. Branle des chevaux   [2:13]   France, XVI

IN ANOTHER LAND / В Чужой Стране
14. Null ome per ren   [5:30]   CSM  361
15. An Italian Rant / Packington's Pound   [5:26]   England, XVI
16. La quinte estampie royal   [3:04]   France, XIII

In Taberna / IN A PUB / В Таверне
17. In Taberna   [4:00]   Germany, XIII   CB  196
18. Nikriz Peşrev   [5:14]   Turkey, trad.
19. Olim lacus colueram   [2:03]   Germany, XIII   CB  130   translated by M. Gasparov
20. Debka # 2   [3:19]   Macedonia, traditional
21. Das Tafellied   [1:50]   Germany, XIII   translated by M. Gasparov

22. Dietki mlade i stare   [3:29]   Czechia, XV

Early Music Ensemble

Dmitriy Cherevkorecorders, cornamuse, bansouree, double flute, transverse flute, domra, dombra, maultrommel, vocal
Pavel Popovrecorders, rauschpfeife, oboe, can, vocal
Igor Solovyev — vocal, mandolin, gothic harp
Aleksey Nikitindjembey, darbukka, glockenspiel, landsknechttrommel, percussion, vocal
Sergey Popovviola, rebec, vocal

with (#2-4):
Marianna Varlamova, Anastasiya Vasilyeva, Valeria Guleva, Oksana Kotsoban, Olga Ogorodina

Recorded and mixed at Dreamworld Center (Petrozavodsk) in January-February 2003
Sound, mixing, mastering — Andrey Ivanov
Conception, arranged, produced by Drolls
Design by Dmitriy Cherevko.

© & ℗ Kailas Records

The early music ensemble Drolls was founded in October 1999. The major part of the ensemble creative activity is Western-European music of the Middle Ages and Reanaissance.

Historical reference:
Drolls (amusements in Old English) is a kind of comical musical performances widespread in England in the XVI-XVII centuries. Folk music including lyrical and festive songs for dancing and other was widely represented in those.

Four albums have been recorded by the ensemble:

Drolls, 2000
Kalenda Maya, 2001
Kingsvirthday, live, 2002
Carminis Vagantibus, 2003

The ensemble dies a lot of touring. Several TV and radio programs are devoted to Drolls.

Drolls often collaborate with people relate to the spirit of the Middle Ages.

Keeping correctly the tradition of jugglers, Drolls turn their appearances into theatrical performances, arrayng themselves in the old times costumes - thus creating the extremely beautiful image of the long ago vanished dreamers.

The official web-site was founded in April 2001 and now contains the most reliable and detailed information about the ensemble actvity. You can find us at