All Paths Lead to Here  /  The Long Hunt |
Cernunnos Records  MTL01

1. Ground of Being   [8:57]

2. Negative Teeth   [6:59]

3. Closing the Circle   [7:11]

4. The Winnowing Hand   [6:53]

5. Smoke Offering   [6:21]

6. Cantiga 166   [6:11]   Tower of Set   CSM  166

Mark LyonsDrums
Allison Kacmar RichardsBass
Trevor RichardsGuitar

Drum tracking, as well as bass tracking on songs 2, 4, and 6, by Jay Vega at The Wilderness Recording Studio.
All other tracking, mixing and production by Trevor Richards.
Mastered by Kramer at Noise Miami.
All artwork and photography by Trevor Richards.

All songs copyright 2018 by The Long Hunt

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