Cornucopia  /  Musica Subterranea
Musica Subterranea


1. Banish Misfortune  [2:47]
2. Dolce Amoroso Fuoco  [2:02]
3. Canarias  [5:06]
4. Fedelta  [1:42]

5. Quen Quer Que  [6:53]   Vocal   CSM  167
6. Gracca Amorosa  [1:59]
7. Scotch Cap  [1:41]
8. Chestnu  [2:09]

9. Il Conto Dell'Orco  [1:35]
10. Villanella  [1:46]
11. Jenny Pluck Pears  [3:08]
12. Old Mole  [3:15]
13. Oranges and Lemons  [2:37]

14. Cuckolds All In A Row  [1:27]
15. Quen Quer Que  [3:46]   Instrumental [sung refrains]   CSM  167
16. Maid at the Spinning Wheel  [3:25]
17. On the Banks of Helicon  [1:54]

18. Lo Spagnoletto  [3:54]
19. Gathering Peascods  [2:26]
20. Lord Sun and Lady Moon  [2:42]
21. Mairi's Wedding  [5:41]

Album Notes

Cornucopia is the second album we produced and was released in 2000.

Musica Subterranea is a group of artists skilled in both dance and music who became friends in the Society for Creative Anachronism ( We love historic reenactment, and we noticed the great deal of time, effort, and money involved in finding good dance music in the SCA without pirating someone else’s collection. Back in 1997, we decided to address the problem by producing music for SCA dance that was easy to get, inexpensive to purchase, and copyright clean. Our first album was released in 1999, the second in 2000, the third in 2003. Due to members moving around the country, our production slowed, but we expect to release a fourth full album in 2015. A short compilation album including three old and three new tracks was released on January 2, 2015 as part of a project in partnership with the SCA region of Pentamere in the Middle Kingdom.

Our mission statement is "Get The Music To The People!" We have arranged our music specifically to fit the reconstructed steps for dances studied and practiced in the SCA. We aim to price the CDs as low as possible to sustain the project. At the same time, we try to answer a variety of needs - SCA favorites for new up-and-coming dancers, hard-to-find music for the dedicated dance enthusiast - and everything in between. To that end, we take requests from SCA dancers from all over the known world for tunes and specific arrangements they'd like to have available for the dances they would like to do more often.

Given that we are all volunteers in a not-for-profit organization, we research, arrange, record, engineer, and produce our CDs in our “free” time. To that end, please note our copyright policy – we fully maintain copyright to every arrangement, recorded tune, and CD we produce. It is our intent to provide music to dancers, not to make a lot of money nor to provide a means for others to make money. Piracy is possible in our world, so we ask any would-be-pirates to consider our years of hard work at no personal profit before you copy our music. We *do* encourage spreading and sharing the joy of dance with others, and we try to keep our prices low so that those who need a copy can afford one themselves. We hope the effort is appreciated.

Please contact us if you wish to use our sheet music or our recordings for a use that may not fit within our stated copyright policy. We wish to serve the SCA dance and music communities to the best of our abilities, and we also wish to avoid providing loopholes in our written policies that allow for unscrupulous use of our work. So, please contact us to create a written agreement for legal use of our products if your intended use might violate our stated policies. All the info you need is on our web page:

Thank you for your interest in our music! Please reach out to us if you have questions, requests for new music, or feedback. We will love to hear from you! Yea Dancing!