Of Mosaic & Muse  /  Saturnalia Trio

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New Weave Records NW-CD709


1. Parsifal's Last Dance   [3:03]   Crommie / Evans

2. Song for Guillaume   [2:36]   Crommie

3. Lauren's Burgerette   [1:37]   Crommie

4. Bergerette   [2:19]   SUSATO, 16th Century

5. Allemande   [1:33]   SUSATO, 16th Century

6. Summer Dresses   [3:36]   Crommie

7. Ductia   [2:40]   anon., 13th Century

8. Santa Maria, strela do dia   [2:47]   ALPHONSO X el Sabio, 13th Century   CSM  100

9. Preston Cottage   [3:20]   Crommie

10. Satyrnalia   [0:53]   Crommie [ ~ S'on me regarde]

11. The January Man   [2:25]   Dave Goulder

12. There Was Once a City   [6:16]   Peire CARDENAL, 13th Century   [Una ciutat fo, no sai cal]

13. When Your World Comes Tumbling Down   [4:03]   Crommie

14. Cobwebs   [4:40]   Crommie

15. El Rey de Francia tres hijas tenia   [6:15]   Sephardic, 15th Century

Daniel Crommie — vocals, buche, mandolin, recorders, electric dulcimer, balalaika, synthesizers, samples, tin whistle, flutes, psaltery, cornamuse, bowed psaltery and occasional percussion
Leslie Grayviolin, viola & vocals
Paul Evanshand drums, sundry percussion, flute, oboe & synthesizer

Lauren McKenzie — violin on "Lauren's Burgerette"
Bruce Gelman — bongos on "Lauren's Burgerette"

Engineered & Produced by Daniel Crommie @ Digitalis from July 2002 to September 2003.

released April 15, 2004

"4th release by these troubadours from a by-gone era. Of Mosaic And Muse continues the band's exploration of medieval music, blended in with some slightly more modern sounding pieces. Front man Daniel Crommie has penned half the tracks on this disc. Some are instrumentals where his beautiful buche (medieval dulcimer) leads the charge, while on the vocal tracks, his Ian Anderson-like tenor voice is a perfect compliment to the music.

Fans of authentic medieval music will lose themselves in this disc. This is not merely a modern twist on a old musical style; this band truly recreates the delicate beauty of the music from the age of Camelot [sic]. Haunting melodies where dulcimer, oboe, flute, and viola coalesce into delicate gems. This is a superb Sunday morning disc, to be listened to while savoring a cup of hot java and letting time stand still for a moment."

Yves Dubé - Sea of Tranquility

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