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1. Rector Cosmi Pie  [6:44]

2. Lux Omni Festa  [3:17]

3. Cantiga 116  [3:15]   CSM  116

4. Laude Novella  [4:19]

5. Bransle Ecosse  [4:28]

6. Ave Maris Stella  [3:39]

7. Jan Minje Man / Halparke  [4:32]

8. Sainte Nicolaes  [6:17]

9. Washer Womans Bransle  [3:27]

10. Piange Maria  [5:10]

11. Dum Pater Familias  [5:23]

12. Washer Womans Mangle  [4:04]


ANDY CARTER — hurdy gurdy, vocals, syntax
ROGER BURNETT — framed drums, biscuit and assorted percussion, vocals
ANDREW WOOD — vocals, didgeridoo, coffee/tea
GRAHAM WRIGHT — bagpipes, vocals, recorder, harmonium, generic wizardry

Special thanks to LESLEY OGDEN
for her sparkling work with the hammered dulcimer,
a beautiful addition to the soundscape.


This track is loosely based on an C11th Kyrie and can be found in the Liber Usualis (1956) pp81.

This tune comes from the C13th Iberian collection known as the 'Cantigas de Santa Maria'. This version is based on that recorded by the Dufay Collective on their album 'Music for Alphonso the Wise', Alphonso X, King of Leon and Castille being the one who commissioned the Cantigas.

This tune can be found in Orchesography by Thoinot Arbeau (1529) and if played using the mixolydian scale it immediately takes you North of the border. Its safe to say that a lot of the tunes found in these C16th books were pre-renaissance and have been gentrified somewhat.

The first tune is a Belgian nursery rhyme, the second is adapted from a traditional Kurdish dance melody.

This tune dates from at least the mid C15th and had bawdy lyrics lampooning the antics of the clergy. Again, it's included in a 16th dance manual.

Adapted from a chant found in the C12th Codex Calixtinus.Widely known throughout Western Europe prior to being included in the above book.

It's a bit mangled.

released November 1, 2019

Recorded at Dovesound Studio,Bradford UK 2019.

Album art by Jane Sedgwick

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