Danza / Wolgemut


1. Processional  [3:44]

2. Ungareska  [3:29]

3. Cantiga  [3:02]   CSM 26

4. Dödetium  [2:18]

5. Dance of the Green Man  [5:52]

6. Ai vis lo lop  [2:33]

7. Skudrinka  [6:11]

8. Desert Monsoon  [5:30]
live / Three Guys and a Bunch of Drums

9. Danza de los muertos  [3:32]

10. Schottish  [5:55]

11. Platterspil  [7:22]

℗ + © Wolgemut
© Copyright - Michael H. Gartner / Wolgemut (634479361111)

The Wolgemut style. A blend of Mid Evil music and Renaissance Rock.

Album Notes

"Danza" is the third album from Wolgemut and features music from historical and traditional sources played on a wide variety of bagpipes, shawms and percussion. It also features the amazing talents of many guest artist incuding Three Guys and a Bunch of Drums, members of The Bringers and Dr. Lunch and Seth of the Wyldmen.

Wolgemut (vol-ga-moot): an ancient germanic word which simply means “to be in a good mood”. It is also the name of our very unique musical minstrel's troupe which believes that the goal of every performance is to leave the audience in a good mood!

The Wolgemut sound is best described as "Historic World Music" Wolgemut takes historical and traditional melodies and adds a generous amount of new world verve. The end result is as close as you can get to Renaissance Rock!

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