Momento / Wolgemut

1. Brawl Burgund  [1:57]

2. An Dro  [5:13]

3. Dans d'Bretagne  [4:25]

4. Polarbear  [4:14]

5. Männer mit Bärten  [3:41]  Gesang

6. Na jag är fuller  [2:29]  Gesang

7. Brudmarsch  [3:33]

8. Säckpipslåt  [3:31]

9. Farmors Polska  [4:47]

10. Pique 7  [3:33]

11. CSM 139  [4:27]  Gesang   CSM 139

12. CSM 166  [4:02]   CSM 166

13. CSM 29  [5:32]   CSM 29

(0:00-3:11, CSM 29 // 3:12-3:58 — // 3:59-5:25 When the Saints go maching in, Gesang)

℗ + © Wolgemut
© Copyright - Michael H. Gartner / Wolgemut (634479600753)

Historic World Music, the closest thing to Renaissance Rock.

Album Notes

Album Notes "Momento" is the fifth album from Wolgemut and features music from historical as well as traditional sources. Medieval Cantigas, historical dances and Swedish folk music are presented using the unique musical style that fans of Wolgemut have come to know and love.

Wolgemut (vol-ga-moot): an ancient germanic word which simply means “to be in a good mood”. It is also the name of our very unique musical minstrel's troupe which believes that the goal of every performance is to leave the audience in a good mood!

The Wolgemut sound is unique and is best described as "Historic World Music". Wolgemut takes historical and traditional melodies and adds a generous amount of new world verve. The end result is as close as you can get to Renaissance Rock!

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